Craig Spivey Creative

Ideas, words and pictures to help sell products and services

Chelsea Football Club
Some work from my time as the Interim Creative Lead at the Club
Helix Vintage Star Wars
Reviving and promoting a long-forgotten stationery line for the 40th anniversary of Star Wars
TEDxLeamingtonSpa 2018 'Rhythm'
Everything that went into our 2018 event
Rebranding an established marketing recruitment consultancy
Branding a new cryptocurrency enterprise
NFU Mutual Farm Safety
A national campaign to promote safety on farms
Origination and delivery of a computer games festival celebrating the games makers of Leamington Spa
Helping a tech start-up communicate its proposition
Heaven Vintage
Transforming a second hand clothes shop into a vintage lifestyle brand
Motel rebrand
Rebranding a national chain of pub/motels
Beer marketing
A integrated campaign to bring a new proposition to life
Nokia flagship store retail campaigns
Bespoke retail campaigns for flagship stores around the world
Financial Services Internal Communications
A selection of internal communications campaigns for a global financial services company
TEDxLeamingtonSpa 2017 | 'Home'
My contribution to TEDxLeamingtonSpa 2017
TEDxLeamingtonSpa 2016 | 'Rip Up The Rule Book'
The second year of TEDx Leamington Spa
TEDxLeamingtonSpa 2015 | 'Courageous Creations'
Branding Leamington Spa's first TEDx event
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